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Why Is Flushing My Toilet So Noisy?

Flushing a toilet is a daily occurrence and usually it is a fairly smooth process, but there could be a problem if you are left thinking: “Why is flushing my toilet so loud?”

Like all plumbing systems, it is likely that at some point maintenance will be required, and it is always best to contact experts in this instance.

However, there are some common noisy toilet issues which you can identify, which will assist you in solving the problem so that normal flushing procedures can apply.

Air bursts:

This can happen at various times, whether it is every few minutes or within a few hours. This usually signals that your tank is losing water – and if it is not on the floor or at the back of the tank, it will be draining into the toilet bowl. This could require new flush valve drains or also be linked to the refill tube or flapper.


Nobody wants their toilet to hiss at them after use, and this constant hiss often sounds like forced air running through the toilet. This often signals that water is constantly moving through the fill valve. This is usually a fill valve problem, or the tank may not be holding water.


A thumping or knocking sound during flushing could signal that there is a problem at the wall valve. This could be an obstruction or a problem with the valve itself.

A knock or bang:

If this happens at the end of the flush cycle, it could mean that there are issues at the water line or shut off valve – which may need to be replaced.

As mentioned above, in the event of any unusual noises it is best to contact expert plumbers to ensure that the problem is fixed quickly and correctly.

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