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What are the benefits of Flexible Pipe Couplers?

When you are making repairs to your home or business you want to make sure that you are getting parts that can withstand daily use and last for years to come. That is why flexible pipe couplers are such a handy tool used by many professionals.

Easy to install

For most plumbing professionals time is money and the easy and efficient installation time of flexible pipe couplers make them a must have in any professionals tool kit.

Resistant to chemicals

The fact that they are able to withstand the erosion of most chemicals makes flexible pipe couplers them the perfect addition to any piping system.

Leak- proof technology

A plumber’s worst nightmare is a leaking pipe. The flexible nature of modern pipe couplers means that they are able to prevent leaks unlike rigid joint tools.


As the name suggests the flexible pipe coupler allows for some movement to occur at the joint. This significantly reduces the likelihood of leak damage occurring.

Special design

Depending on the needs of your project, special piping pieces can be made to suit the direction of the flow.

Root proof

Most piping occurs underground and can become at risk of root and fungal damage. The flexible pipe coupler helps to protect your pipes from the different conditions that occur underground.

Cost effective

A flexible pipe coupler is lower in price than a rigid connector. The time and effort is also reduced significantly than that of installing the older rigid pipe connectors.


The applications that a flexible pipe coupler are many and this is what makes it such an attractive tool to plumbing professionals. You can use it in a waste drainage system and in difficult routing systems.

Any plumber who is worth their salt will make sure that they have a set of flexible pipe couplers in their toolbox at all times. 

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