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CP Brassware And Rough Brass Fittings

At Comap Southern Africa we have yet again outdone ourselves by supplying the plumbing industry with quality rough brass fittings at really affordable prices. With over 28 years in the industry we have gained valuable knowledge and experience in this particular industry and would like to share it with you.

We are proud to announce that rough brass fittings are the ideal product to use in any plumbing installation as they are durable, versatile and are malleable. Allowing you to not only cut costs, but have quality plumbing in your home or establishment, chose a reliable supplier who prides in bringing you quality products all the time.

Rough brass fittings are ideal when you are looking for durability; no one likes to install their pipes then always reinstall them because of poor material used when installing in the first place. This is one of the many reasons why we continuously encourage the industrial as well as the domestic industry to look for the best quality in plumbing equipment, and this is only available at Comap Southern Africa.

Being able to withstand high temperatures and being fire resistant, brass pipe fittings are ideal for efficient distribution of hot water throughout your household. Supplying the industry with quality products at really competitive prices has built Comap Southern Africa an exceptional reputation in the plumbing industry. For a wise choice in quality plumbing equipment you can never go wrong at Comap Southern Africa. 



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