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Plumbing Tips and Tricks

Leaky pipes and tap faucets that are not attended to can drain your pockets. You will simply be flushing money down the toilet since turning off your water mains is not an option, because at some point one needs to shower or bath.

Plumbing has been an essential part of our lives for centuries, and to have a dripping system is wasteful, especially in a time where water conservation is becoming a necessity. As a profession, plumbing is probably not the most glamorous or even the top of every young person’s list when it comes to career choices, but we should know how to wrench up now and then. Therefore, Aqua Touch provides you with only the best plumbing tips and tricks.

There are a million ways to clog a sink, and following these DIY Plumbing Tips & Tricks should help you juggle the ins and outs of plumbing, as well as help you cut unnecessary costs:

  • Check your water mains regularly, and if you are going on holiday, always switch them off.
  • Do not turn your geyser on and off, as it may cause damage to the pipes that run hot water in the long run.
  • Report leaks immediately and contact Aqua Touch to assist if the problem escalates.
  • Shower more and bath less, it is a major water saving tip.
  • A big plumbing tip is to have plastic piping as opposed to metal piping, as plastic piping does not rust over time and it costs less.
  • Do not wash pieces of leftover food down your sink regardless of how small they are.
  • Avoid buying second-grade plumbing products.

Replacing your taps and water systems every 5 or 7 years, even though some have a life time warranty, are better than just not replacing them. Plunging is the old-school way of unblocking a clogged toilet and the technology is still the same. Shower heads should be replaced as this saves water, old ones leak heavily after a shower.

Tap washers give way because of constant use, and should be replaced once your tap drips after you have closed it. To avoid a mess or mini river, always keep a bucket handy for residue water that might come out from the pipes or taps. Lastly, make sure that your water mains are closed off when doing any repairs or replacements. For Extra Plumbing tips and tricks, please contact Comap-Aqua Touch!

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