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Plumbing Supplies

“All over the world the demand for plumbing supplies have escalated,

as many more households and businesses evolve…”

At Comap- Aqua Touch we specialize in plumbing supplies. Plumbing is basically the system that provides, distributes, uses, and removes water from a building. Plumbing originated during ancient civilizations such as the Roman, Greek, Persian, Chines, and Indian cities as the developed public baths and required to supply portable water and waste-water removal for larger numbers of people.

In this modern world, there’s no way to avoid plumbing issues – live in a home long enough and you will eventually have to deal with sinks that are clogged, leaky pipes and dipping faucets. We all know that plumbing repairs can get pricey, but when it comes to clogs and leaks, Aqua Touch is the best company to go to for all your plumbing needs, as service excellence and cost effective product quality are our biggest priorities.

For over two decades Comap-Aqua Touch has been specializing in the manufacturing of quality equipment in this very important industry. We have gained the much needed experience to be known as the providers of the best plumbing services and supplies in the industry. We over to the public different types of pipes, fittings, flanges, pipe couplings, irrigation equipment and any other plumbing equipment needed for a perfect plumbing system. The company has been designing, manufacturing and supplying plumbing products and making a huge difference in people’s lives all over the world. Aqua Touch take pride in offering world class innovation through our products, and we ensure that you are using the perfect company to be responsible for your plumbing needs.

Through our excellent customer service and a surety for quality products we have through word of mouth, gained the trust of a lot of consumers who are in need of plumbing products and services. It’s time you trusted the right name when it comes to your plumbing equipment, trust Comap Aqua Touch and enjoy excellent performance. 


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