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How a no drainage Pipe Repair System increases pipe service life

A pipe repair system whereby you don’t have to drain the pipe to begin work saves time and money at every opportunity. A popular way to fix pipes in South Africa, the no drainage element is a huge factor in the efficiency of workmanship on site. Increasing the longevity of the piping system, the no drainage allows for less wear and tear while working, as well as less adjustments to the pipe. With repair focus on the affected area, this solutions offers a cost-effective way to save your pipes and your bank account.

An occurrence that can happen at any time, a burst pipe doesn’t wait for optimal timing – usually happening at the worst times. It is this situation that drives the push for repair systems that do not require digging up and draining the entire system to fix one small element. What often causes hassles when repairing things of this nature, turning off water and drainage means you cannot use certain amenities in your building for that time, and this is arguably the most annoying part about repairing pipe systems.

As a pipes service life is limited by a couple of factors, including wear and tear, type of usage and quality of products used, the life span can be extended through proper care and maintenance. With a no drainage pipe repair system in use, the reinforced applicant not only plugs cracks and holes, but also strengthens the pipe to ensure longer effective use. A great way to save on repair costs while still maintaining a high standard of equipment and plumbing, these types of systems can do wonders for extending the life of your pipes.

With extensive research into the heart of the problem, Aqua Touch has developed plumbing products that can facilitate high quality yet timely repairs to ensure your water and drainage continues without issue. Catering to a range of piping systems, giving you an easy to use alternative to extensive repairs, take the steps you need to ensure the smooth running of your water.

As a premium supplier of plumbing products and equipment, Comap Aqua Touch has over 28 years of experience in the South African markets. Now a dominant market player, the past three decades have been the root of immense knowledge and experience within the industry, allowing for a full understanding of client needs and wants. As a subsidiary of the renowned international brand, Comap France, we bring their trusted experience into every bit of work we do.

Representing a world renowned brand, we strive to maintain high quality services and customer satisfaction through fast, effective work. 

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