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Jevco and Sudo Compression Fittings

Comap Southern Africa specialises in wide range of plumbing supplies, we supply professional plumbers as well as households with the necessary equipment to enable them to execute the necessary plumbing services needed by all. For this reason get in touch with reliable, professional plumbing supplier, and enjoy the benefits that come with buying products from a quality driven company that believes in customer satisfaction more than anything in the business.

Plumbing compression fittings are normally used in home plumbing repairs, and at competitive prices we are proud to be able to supply consumers with DIY products for all their little odd plumbing jobs around the home. From the kitchen plumbing all the way to the bathroom pipes we have all the products to enable you to repair all your plumbing problems especially if the problem doesn’t really require you to hire a professional plumber.

Compression fittings are the standard product to provide leak tight seals for chemicals, oil and gas pipes. Supplying the industrial sector with copper compression fittings has shown tremendous growth for Comap Southern Africa over the years.

Apart from supplying plumbing supplies to this industry, Comap Southern Africa has a few tips on how to get you value for money when acquiring plumbing equipment. We encourage all our clients to consider copper plumbing supplies because of the durability and reliability you get out of copper pipes. Copper has been used in this industry for over 70 years and has proven to be the best material to use especially with hazardous liquids such as oil and gas.


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