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6 Reasons why Brass Pipe Fittings are the best choice

Brass pipe fittings are cost-effective elements of your plumbing and gas that play a key role in your system. One of many types of fitting available on the market today, brass is a trusted material both for private plumbing and industrial pipes. Used for ages as a key element, these have been proven to be one of the most effective materials available for this use.

With care and consideration for your plumbing, good pipes and connectors raise the quality of the plumbing, and thus the quality of your house. Enhancing your water delivery system while withstanding wear and tear, here are six reasons why brass pipe fitting are the best choice for you.

Trusted for years

If nothing else can convince you, why not generations of positive feedback? Brass has been around for ages, and for the entire time it has been a trusted tool for plumbing. Boasting a host of characteristics that make it ideal to use, this effective solution can give you peace of mind knowing that your plumbing is of the highest quality. more…

How a no drainage Pipe Repair System increases pipe service life

A pipe repair system whereby you don’t have to drain the pipe to begin work saves time and money at every opportunity. A popular way to fix pipes in South Africa, the no drainage element is a huge factor in the efficiency of workmanship on site. Increasing the longevity of the piping system, the no drainage allows for less wear and tear while working, as well as less adjustments to the pipe. With repair focus on the affected area, this solutions offers a cost-effective way to save your pipes and your bank account.

An occurrence that can happen at any time, a burst pipe doesn’t wait for optimal timing – usually happening at the worst times. It is this situation that drives the push for repair systems that do not require digging up and draining the entire system to fix one small element. What often causes hassles when repairing things of this nature, turning off water and drainage means you cannot use certain amenities in your building for that time, and this is arguably the most annoying part about repairing pipe systems.


What are the benefits of Flexible Pipe Couplers?

When you are making repairs to your home or business you want to make sure that you are getting parts that can withstand daily use and last for years to come. That is why flexible pipe couplers are such a handy tool used by many professionals.

Easy to install

For most plumbing professionals time is money and the easy and efficient installation time of flexible pipe couplers make them a must have in any professionals tool kit.


7 Essential tools that a Plumber Needs:

A plumber is as good as his tools and there are more than thirty devices that a plumber is able to use. However, only 7 are very essential for basic and complex plumbing jobs. A plumber’s tool box needs to have the following tools at all times:  

Pipe CutterPipe Cutter

1.    1. Pipe is first on the list. Used for cutting piping systems and is more efficient than a hacksaw. The pipe cutter can reach the most spaces. Comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 8mm, 10mm, 15 mm, 20 mm and 28 mm respectively.   A plumber looking to do a rapid job. Ideal for those hard to reach spots.

 Telescopic Tube CutterTelescopic Tube Cutter                                           

2.  A plumber can use a telescopic tube cutter to cut copper pipes. This tool is equipped with a deburrer for those tidy seamless cuts. Very essential for cutting through copper piping and thick piping with a girth of 6-35 mm.


3.  Copper pipes often leak now and then. To seal those small irritating holes a plumber relies on a blowlamp which is fired with gas. 

Adjustable Pipe Wrench Adjustable Pipe Wrench

4.  The adjustable pipe wrench is “the-go- to” gadget for plumber when they have jobs that require fixing plumbing systems that circular in make. Loosens tight bolts and nuts with relative ease. 

Mole Grip Mole Grip

5.  The vice grip is a more common name for the mole grip. A toolbox is not complete without these pliers that went to private school, learnered in gripping firm workpieces.  Fitted with a locking component that for holding nuts and bolts whilst allowing work to continue without a fuss. 

Adjustable Spanner Adjustable Spanner

6.  Adjustable Spanners come in three sizes- large, medium and small. Essential for twisting bolts and nuts.  Usually operated with the thumb, a must have in the toolbox. 

Slip Joint Pliers Slip Joint Pliers        


A plumber should invest in a pair of slip joint pliers for jobs require work on water pumps. Used mainly to grip and hold plumbing steady. Fitted with a pivot to adjust the jaw sizes accordingly.  


Plumbing Tips and Tricks

Leaky pipes and tap faucets that are not attended to can drain your pockets. You will simply be flushing money down the toilet since turning off your water mains is not an option, because at some point one needs to shower or bath.

Plumbing has been an essential part of our lives for centuries, and to have a dripping system is wasteful, especially in a time where water conservation is becoming a necessity. As a profession, plumbing is probably not the most glamorous or even the top of every young person’s list when it comes to career choices, but we should know how to wrench up now and then. Therefore, Aqua Touch provides you with only the best plumbing tips and tricks.


How to Prepare Plumbing Systems for Winter

Many homeowners don’t pay much attention to their plumbing systems until something goes wrong, which results in lost time and money.

Burst water pipes can lead to massive damage, especially when it happens inside your home, and winter time is often a troublesome period due to the fact that you may not be properly prepared.


Why Is Flushing My Toilet So Noisy?

Flushing a toilet is a daily occurrence and usually it is a fairly smooth process, but there could be a problem if you are left thinking: “Why is flushing my toilet so loud?”

Like all plumbing systems, it is likely that at some point maintenance will be required, and it is always best to contact experts in this instance. more…

Don’t Let Plumbing Issues Get You Down

Don’t let plumbing issues leave you drowning, partner with Comap-Aquatouch and you will have the backing of one of the best plumbing suppliers in the industry. Over 25 years ago, we started as a supplier of plumbing fittings to the South African industry, but with clear vision and hard work, we evolved into a dominant player in the market. more…

Why we supply you with the best Plumbing Services

At Aqua Touch we strive to offer top quality Plumbing Services at all times. We do research on the plumbers in the industry, we check licenses, the sizes of the companies, the total of the employees working there, the period that they have been in this business, and we read all of the reviews that they receive on their websites, as well as their social media pages. After doing all of the research, we review the information, to always assure that we offer great service to our clients. more…

Areas Where Pipe Couplings are Applied

Comap Southern Africa specialises in pipe couplings that are manufactured for a wide range of applications. These piping components are essential in any draining or water transporting system. We strive to be the leading suppliers of pipe couplings in the plumbing and commercial industry of South Africa. We offer quality couplings to valued clients that have been designed for maximum performance. These piping components are effortless to fit; they do not require any special tool to connect two even pipes.

Below is a list of a few areas where pipe couplings can be applied. more…

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