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Areas Where Pipe Couplings are Applied

Comap Southern Africa specialises in pipe couplings that are manufactured for a wide range of applications. These piping components are essential in any draining or water transporting system. We strive to be the leading suppliers of pipe couplings in the plumbing and commercial industry of South Africa. We offer quality couplings to valued clients that have been designed for maximum performance. These piping components are effortless to fit; they do not require any special tool to connect two even pipes.

Below is a list of a few areas where pipe couplings can be applied.

Offshore Fire Fighting

Pipe couplings are predominantly used to join two pipes together; this applies to the offshore fire fighting sector as well. These pipes are then connected to the hose that releases the water.

Power Plants

At a power plant, pipe couplings are used for cooling the return pipes. They are able to withstand continuous temperatures and are ideal for under water hammer and shock loading. The other benefit of these plumbing components in a power plant is that they are easy to repair. 

Industrial Plants

In industrial plants, pipe couplings are used to reduce environmental concerns associated with leaks. This may be chemicals, acids or hazardous fluids that have a harmful impact on the environment. Comap Southern Africa has over 28 years of experience in the plumbing industry. Our pipe couplings undergo a quality test prior to being made available to clients.

Building Constructions

Pipe couplings are utilised in building constructions to connect straight pipes and regulate the flow of water. It is commonly integrated into the building plan before the project begins in order for engineers to fit them accordingly.


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