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7 Essential tools that a Plumber Needs:

A plumber is as good as his tools and there are more than thirty devices that a plumber is able to use. However, only 7 are very essential for basic and complex plumbing jobs. A plumber’s tool box needs to have the following tools at all times:  

Pipe CutterPipe Cutter

1.    1. Pipe is first on the list. Used for cutting piping systems and is more efficient than a hacksaw. The pipe cutter can reach the most spaces. Comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 8mm, 10mm, 15 mm, 20 mm and 28 mm respectively.   A plumber looking to do a rapid job. Ideal for those hard to reach spots.

 Telescopic Tube CutterTelescopic Tube Cutter                                           

2.  A plumber can use a telescopic tube cutter to cut copper pipes. This tool is equipped with a deburrer for those tidy seamless cuts. Very essential for cutting through copper piping and thick piping with a girth of 6-35 mm.


3.  Copper pipes often leak now and then. To seal those small irritating holes a plumber relies on a blowlamp which is fired with gas. 

Adjustable Pipe Wrench Adjustable Pipe Wrench

4.  The adjustable pipe wrench is “the-go- to” gadget for plumber when they have jobs that require fixing plumbing systems that circular in make. Loosens tight bolts and nuts with relative ease. 

Mole Grip Mole Grip

5.  The vice grip is a more common name for the mole grip. A toolbox is not complete without these pliers that went to private school, learnered in gripping firm workpieces.  Fitted with a locking component that for holding nuts and bolts whilst allowing work to continue without a fuss. 

Adjustable Spanner Adjustable Spanner

6.  Adjustable Spanners come in three sizes- large, medium and small. Essential for twisting bolts and nuts.  Usually operated with the thumb, a must have in the toolbox. 

Slip Joint Pliers Slip Joint Pliers        


A plumber should invest in a pair of slip joint pliers for jobs require work on water pumps. Used mainly to grip and hold plumbing steady. Fitted with a pivot to adjust the jaw sizes accordingly.  


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