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6 Reasons why Brass Pipe Fittings are the best choice

Brass pipe fittings are cost-effective elements of your plumbing and gas that play a key role in your system. One of many types of fitting available on the market today, brass is a trusted material both for private plumbing and industrial pipes. Used for ages as a key element, these have been proven to be one of the most effective materials available for this use.

With care and consideration for your plumbing, good pipes and connectors raise the quality of the plumbing, and thus the quality of your house. Enhancing your water delivery system while withstanding wear and tear, here are six reasons why brass pipe fitting are the best choice for you.

Trusted for years

If nothing else can convince you, why not generations of positive feedback? Brass has been around for ages, and for the entire time it has been a trusted tool for plumbing. Boasting a host of characteristics that make it ideal to use, this effective solution can give you peace of mind knowing that your plumbing is of the highest quality.


A material to adapt to your needs, you can get brass fittings in all sizes, shapes and widths. The fittings can also be used to alter the size of pipes, making it easier to install plumbing in line with specific and precise plans. It goes a long way in enhancing the efficiency of the water delivery system into the home as well. Brass fittings are available in various finishes, allowing added benefits when pipes are visible outside of the wall and system within.


Once installed, brass fittings will remain in good condition for several years at a time. They do not easily crack or disintegrate, allowing for minimal wear and tear – not to mention saving costs on repair work in the future. When used for hot water systems, brass fittings last longer than most other metals. The high resilience and durability of brass fittings play a role in value of your house, this trusted material can increase the value of your home.

Corrosion resistant

A fitting that does not rust and can endure more than most metals, brass also enjoys some of the highest corrosion resistance. As the main reasons for broken plumbing and the worst part of wear and tear, brass circumvents these issues with its hardy character.

High Temperatures

Brass fittings boast excellent conductivity, promoting efficient hot water distribution system around the house. Capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures, these fittings are also fire resistant. As such a hardly fitting, these can outlast most other parts of your plumbing.


Brass fittings are more malleable than either steel or iron. Not only easier to bend, but shape and mould as well. This makes it easier to undertake plumbing jobs on site. Installations costs are kept low because of the ease involved in installing and maintaining.

With all these great parts to it, why go any other way? Contact Aqua Touch today to find out more.


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